OO Gauge layout

Hope Park Junction is named after Hope Park to remind us of all the happy family holidays in Keswick and our daily walk from the hotel to Derwentwater and Friars Crag. Friars Crag is a promontory jutting into Detwentwater on a stretch of shore about half a mile from the boat landing stages. Ruskin described the view from Friars Crag as one of the three most beautiful scenes in Europe. Hope Park which is located to the south of Keswick was once used as a field for grazing the carriage horses that took visitors from the railway station to the local hotels, Hope Park was donated to the Town by Sir Percy Hope after he had developed it as a miniature golf course. The disused railway station lies to the North of Keswick. The station building and the down platform remain and has been converted into a Hotel, which also marks the start of the cycle route along the path of the disused railway line running to the east of Keswick.

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